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Indicated Uses Overview

Indicated Uses Overview

WHAT DO PEOPLE WITH INJURY (Such as auto accidents, paralysis, etc.) OR DISEASE Such as Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy HAVE IN COMMON?

ANSWER: Reduced activity leading to DISUSE ATROPHY. Imbalance of muscles leading to MUSCLE SPASMS. Reduced circulation leading to the need for INCREASE LOCAL BLOOD CIRCULATION. Reduced range of motion in the joints due to inflammation or trauma needing INCREASE RANGE OF MOTION.
In these cases the Neurocare™ can be very effective at maintaining or reversing many of the unpleasant symptoms.

Neurocare™ simulates exercise but achieves results by working the inactive or injured muscle fibers versus a “fast twitch” on the active muscle, thus strengthening and re-educating the specific injured or atrophied muscle. As in exercise this also increases local blood circulation and re-educates weak muscles or muscles in spasm.

Neurocare™ technology overcomes the resistance of disease and the distance of electrode application. Treatments achieve deep muscle contractions without discomfort

Treatments are provided under your physician’s prescription but done in your home. If the treatments are needed due to an injury, normal work activities can usually be maintained during the recovery period.

NEUROCARE™ (FDA listed indications)

  1. Relax Muscle Spasm
  2. Prevent or Retard Disuse Atrophy
  3. Muscle Re-Education
  4. Maintain or Increase Range of Motion
  5. Increase Local Blood
  6. Immediate Post-surgical Circulation Stimulation of Calf Muscles to Prevent Venous Thrombosis

Most all persons who have had an injury or compromised circulation problems will experience one or more of these symptoms due to their problem.

“…used it for patients
with acute and chronic back pain, neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbows and carpal tunnel problems… recognize it as an excellent modality.”
Raymond Bunker, MD
Aluminum Company of America
“…encourage each mill location medical department to consider trying and/or purchasing this device for on-site use by injured workers. It is easily set up and patient controlled, making it ideal for in-plant use on a minimally supervised basis.”Charles Stuart, MD
Regional Medical Director
Boise Cascade Corporation
“Our family watched in awe as Ron’s feet and legs went from blue-gray with brown patches, spots of purplish mottling and whitish color, and cold, dead toes that felt like a corpse’s toes, to a warm, normal-looking, natural color. We saw a tremendous difference in one treatment. For the first time in four years, his feet and legs are warm!!!”(Excerpt from an actual NEUROCARE™ patient’s testimonial letter.) 1999 Update: Ron has retired from his busy bakery and now lives a happy, healthy life with his family. Winston, OR

FDA Registered Aug. 3, 1993 (Other models available)

Treatment for:

  • Workman’s compensation injuries;
  • Injuries due to automobile accidents,
  • Sport injuries,
  • Overuse injuries (on-the-job, or at home) Pre-existing, recurring muscle strains,
  • Problems with Local Blood Circulation

The Neurocare™ 2000 is proprietary and can only be obtained through a qualified supplier.

Physician referral, further information or study reprints are available upon request.

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