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About Neurocare™

NEUROCARE™ Model: NC 2000

“The Therapeutic Electrical Stimulator”

NC 2000

The NEUROCARE™ is an effective treatment for problems ranging from acute soft tissue injury and inflammation to restricted circulation. By therapeutically removing the problem, the accompanying symptom of pain is reduced/eliminated. NEUROCARE’s AC OUTPUT, high voltage (0-460 volts) low amperage (0-4.2 milliamps) design allows a more therapeutic treatment program.

FDA registered uses: 

  1. Increase Local Circulation
  2. Muscle re-education
  3. Relaxation of muscle spasms
  4. Maintaining or increasing Range of Motion
  5. Prevention or retardation of Disuse Atrophy
  6. Immediate Post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent Venous Thrombosis

CE registered.

The NEUROCARE 2000™ is a four (4) channel unit with a maximum usage of 32 electrodes when bifurcated, very user-friendly and applicable for in-home use by the patient or caregiver.

Complete & ready to use:

  • 4 lead Neurocare 2000 unit, metal construction, adjustable handle for height & stand
  • 4 lead wires 6′ to 8′
  • 2 Packages of 4 self-adhesive, disposable electrodes
  • Power Source: XP Medical Grade
  • Instruction CD & booklet
  • Protocol CD & booklet
  • Carrying case

For technical specifications: click here.


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